BeeTV App: What is it and Is it safe? (A Complete Guide to BeeTV App)

For people in Utah who have access to HD televisions, the upcoming launch of the BeeTV app may be a real bummer.

BeeTV App: What is it and Is it safe? (A Complete Guide to BeeTV App)

For people in Utah who have access to HD televisions, the upcoming launch of the BeeTV app may be a real bummer.

However, if you happen to live in Utah and are looking for ways to entertain yourself while you're away from home, you might want to give BeeTV a try.

The app for TVs allows you to watch TV on your Apple TV when you're out of the state. Here's how to get started with the free app.

How to start with BeeTV App?

To get started, you need to download the free BeeTV app for the apps. To do this, just go to Apple's App Store and look for the app. Look for TV apps in the relevant category, like Entertainment.

Once you find one that you like, you can download it for free. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. Then, you can activate the app and sign in using your Facebook account.

Features of Beetv App?

Some of the features that the BeeTV app has included: watching two of your most popular shows in order, scheduling your daily DVR schedule, and playing your most-watched videos live.

It also includes two separate apps that allow you to watch your videos and those of your friends, both in HD.

·       HD Display

If you have an HD television, you can also use the BeeTV app to record your shows, even those that aren't popular enough to be on BeeTV.

You can record up to two hours of your favorite shows and watch them whenever you want, day or night, as long as you have an available HD connection.

If you're wondering what else is new in this year's version of the BeeTV app, you'll be glad to know that the new version has new features.

One such new feature is the "search tool," which is extremely easy to use and helps you to find the answers you're looking for quickly.

The search tool makes it so simple to locate shows and episodes that you never have to touch the "gear" option on your screen to begin searching.

Just point the search bar in the direction of the show or episode you want to look up, hit "enter," and wait a few seconds for the results to surface. You can also look up specific episodes, clips, and entire seasons. The search tool makes it easy to stay on top of your entertainment.

·       Updated information about upcoming shows

Another exciting addition to the new BeeTV app is the news section, which provides up-to-date information about your favorite TV shows and movies.

This section includes brief overviews of the newest episodes as well as full reviews from experts in the TV industry. If you have access to the Internet, you can read news online from your beet smartphone.

The news section is very similar to the news tab found in other apps, allowing you to read current headlines, trailers for upcoming movies and shows, and interviews from experts in the media community.

·       User-friendly interface

The new beet TV app also offers one of the best user interfaces on the Android platform. The interface is simple, clean, and not cluttered.

 It's been designed to be easy to navigate through, featuring simple menus and widgets that make it easy to access important features while watching a program.

In addition, the app offers high-quality streaming for all of your favorite TV shows and movies, complete with smooth video and sound effects.

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Because it's an all-over streaming TV experience, you won't miss a single second of your programs - that's why it's known as the ultimate mobile media player.

Download BeeTV now: Download Now

Is the BeeTV app safe?

Recently I read in different sources that the Apple TV, along with the iTunes and iPhone is likely to be banned from the App store because of the way they interact with the iPod. Is the BeeTV app safe? Well, it's hard to say. It will certainly be interesting to see what Apple does, if any, in this regard.

It may be a good idea for Apple to use some of their profits from the App store towards creating good apps that won't cause problems.

This has always been their modus operandi. Their current effort on the TV seems to be aimed at the TV watching apps, and so it makes sense to focus on that rather than gaming or media-based apps. Is the BeeTV app safe to use on your Apple TV? Let's see.

The application has no doubt seen some very negative reviews from various sources online, mostly negative. That's quite understandable, considering the poor design of the application. The interface is extremely messy and doesn't exactly scream 'professional.'

In addition, there are no icons to tell the user where to search or what buttons to press.

But, despite those shortcomings, the fact that it runs on Apple's tvOS platform using tvOS 3.2, means that Apple can monitor and ensure that the application behaves as it was designed to.

However, that isn't the only issue that I have with the app. Users have indicated their fears regarding the security of the app.

Some have indicated that the use of unsecured Wi-Fi could prove dangerous for the users, as it gives away the information needed to access the TV.

On top of that, the app doesn't support Bluetooth and IMAP, which makes it useless for several people. While you're on the watch, you also have to remember that you will not be able to watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows through this application.

Is the BeeTV app safe? It may be, but only for the moment. If you want to fully utilize the features of the application, then you will need to purchase a license through the application's vendor.

 Only then will you be able to use the app. There is a one-time fee, which gives your lifetime access to the program.


If you're looking to use this application, you would do well to read the entirety of its terms of service before downloading it. The fine print is typically quite strict, especially when it comes to privacy concerns. Still, even after paying the required fee, you are not guaranteed that your data is 100% safe, so users should always use caution when giving away sensitive information.


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