Best reverse phone lookup

If you are keen about knowing who is calling you, or you want to find some names out on your own, without getting into much trouble then reverse phone lookup is something for you.

Best reverse phone lookup

If you are keen about knowing who is calling you, or you want to find some names out on your own, without getting into much trouble then reverse phone lookup is something for you.

You can simply look up a person’s name against their phone number. And to do that you just need help from reverse phone lookup, this is not hacking, this is also not illegal.

This is a piece of information available for you, and most people do not know about it. 

So, let us find out what is reverse phone lookup and we will also include some of the best reverse phone lookup places.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Reverse phone lookup is just the directories where you can get the phone number and the name of the concerned person.

Back in old days, people used to take help from the directories book.

But of course, the world has got so robust, and now you do not rely on the hard copy directory.

Instead, now you do that digitally, regardless of wherever you are, you can simply log into the directory website insert number and there you go.

But then comes reverse phone directories, they were mainly used by some of the law enforcement, and people who worked as private investigators.

The directories were also recognized as cross directories.

And nowadays these things have brought online, you can find them and use them if you know the proper valid resource.

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Why would you look up someone’s phone number?

The reason why you would require someone’s information through reverse phone look-up is solely upon you.

You may be a private detective, working for someone, or want to know about someone who is offending you or spamming you.

You may be collecting pieces of evidence for something. Or maybe it is just your personal matter.

People usually search for someone when they are angry with someone, or they apprehend something dangerous.

 It just secures people to know about things they are getting involved in.

So why you would want to use it is on you.

How Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

People often ask how these reverse phone lookups work, and the answer is the source of information depends upon the database. Where it comes from is the important thing.

The information you require is;

  • City or the location
  • A company that owns the number
  • When was the number first registered
  • If it is a landline, cell phone, or internet made-up number

Let us find out some of the best reverse phone lookups services

What are the best reverse phone lookup services?

There might be many reverse phone lookup services, but the ones that actually work are fewer, we have compiled a list of some best reverse phone lookup services that you can use today.

Z lookup:

Z lookup is one of the best and free reverse phone lookup services that you can access on the internet without any fuss.

The creator of this database states he wants to help to eliminate crime and phone abuse, which is definitely a great thing.

Just go to Z look up and enter the full phone number, and click on the name lookup button. However; you would not have 100% accuracy with it, still, many of the results fetched the right information.


No caller name is a paid service, it does offer you quality results, and you would require registration to get a full report.

 The report will include full person name, phone carrier, their location, their address, and many things more.

No caller name gives you two basic plans that cost $24.95 / month along with 50 credits, and a plan that has $44.95 with 100 credits.

If you do not want to use balance and looking free lookups you can stick to Z lookup.


Spokeo is another best reverse phone lookup service you will find online, best thing about Spokeo is you can also search people through their name, address, email.

So, rather than just using phone numbers you can make use of other available data too, which is a powerful thing.

Another nice thing about Spokeo is you can use it free that gives you some basic information. But if you want to use some advanced features, you pay for them.

For advance features, you can register and pay $19.95 / month, or for 3 months you pay $14.95.


We discussed the top 3 reverse phone lookup services that are; Z look-up, NoCallerName, and Spokeo, all of these are the best reverse phone lookup services, and Z look-up is free.

Spokeo is partially free as it offers you both free and extra paid features. And No caller name is totally paid.

Which one is good for you is up to your usage and the features you want to make use of. We recommend using free services and if you do not find information, upgrade to the paid version.

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