How to spy on IPhone

Spying on mobile is not a good option unless you have a very solid reason to do so. Also, you can possibly find so many ways in which you can hack or spy on your iPhone.

How to spy on IPhone

Spying on mobile is not a good option unless you have a very solid reason to do so. Also, you can possibly find so many ways in which you can hack or spy on your iPhone.

But none of them really work. You have to find the right and proper method to do so. In this article, we are going to discuss two of the best methods to spy on iPhone.

Also spying on iPhone may differ from the Android device, as iPhone uses IOS. So, let us start our topic, how to spy on iPhone.

Top 2 ways to spy on iPhone

We are going to check the top 2 ways to spy on iPhone, our two methods will include:

  • Spy on iPhone with the help of Apple ID
  • Using mSpy software

Spying on iPhone using Apple Id

Before you start implementing the spying method it is important that you know the requirements, for this method you must know the person’s iCloud access data.

You must have access to the device, and the iPhone you want to spy on should be connected to the internet.

If you want to spy on without having an Apple ID then you should know what Jailbreaking is, because iPhone does not let any spy application install on its operating system, unless it is Jailbroken.

First, you must get the iCloud or the Apple ID of the concerned phone, Also you need to make sure that from the phone setting iCloud backup monitoring option is activated.

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And to do so you may require a phone physically. Just log in to the Phone’s iCloud and select what you require to monitor.

Apple Id is a powerful option, with the help of this option you can get across, messages, location, photos, contacts, emails, and pretty much everything.

Just go to setting, enable message, and then it should ask you to insert password and Apple ID. From this on, you can start to monitor everything.

One of the best things about this method is you keep your phone the way it is, you would not require to jailbreak your phone, which is the best thing.

Most people would not like to jailbreak their iPhone, and for those, this apple iCloud method is best to spy on iPhone.

Let us discuss our second method to spy on iPhone, which is using mSpy.


Talking about another best method through the MSpy application, before proceed to do so; let us talk about some of the main requirements to spy on iPhone through MSpy.

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You require the person’s Apple ID or iCloud, or you need to have access to their device in order to get Apple ID or iCloud.

You need an Apple ID and password so that you can remotely install mSpy on the phone. Another important thing is that the phone you are trying to spy should be connected to the internet.

What is mSpy application and how does it work?

mSpy serves as a top-rated monitoring application that is mainly used on IOS, you can install the application on any iOS and start to track various things remotely.

If you install this application you can remotely access messages, GPS location, WhatsApp, another messenger, and many more things.

The app is not so much different than any other spying application, however, the authenticity of the application surely inclines us towards it.

First, the mSpy application starts to collect the useful information we require from the concerned iPhone, and then it channels all the information to one dashboard.

You can view the information easily after it is collected, things you need to do is to first check if it is compatible with the IOS device you want to spy.

Features of mSpy application:

Let us discuss some of the fundamental features of the mSpy application that you will be using also. You can manage calls through the mSpy application.

You can easily view the call log, you can even see the duration of the calls which is a very powerful option. Moreover, you can also block unwanted calls too.

You can then track all the text messages that are of course pretty obvious but you can also see the time, date, and receiver information, which is a powerful feature.

Some other important and amazing features are;

  • Reading messenger messages
  • Checking address book and calendar
  • Checking browser use
  • Skype messenger data
  • Control installed application
  • Erasing data, and much more


We discussed two best methods to spy on iPhone, one is through apple ID, and the second one is through the mSpy application.

Both of these methods are quite powerful, you can easy any of the methods. But just make sure you know the Apple ID or iCloud of the concerned phone.

Without that, you will not be able to spy on it, but if you do so, you can get into iPhone without jailbreak.


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