Kindle Fire Says Its Charging but It’s Not

Kindle fire is one of the popular and recently used gears that are in-demand by most people with a positive response. Its reliable functions and the durably built style have been appreciated by many users, especially for kids.

Kindle Fire Says Its Charging but It’s Not

Kindle fire is one of the popular and recently used gears that are in-demand by most people with a positive response.

Its reliable functions and the durably built style have been appreciated by many users, especially for kids.

However, like anything, it also has some core management or perhaps the settings can be tricky, especially if you don’t know about it.

 Besides, if your tablet stops charging it is so frustrating especially if you want to take it for professional purposes.

While there are many things and settings of Kindle fire that you need to know if you own one, today we are specifically focusing on the charging issues.

Many of the people seem to be worried about the charging while the device says it is on changing, however, it is not holding up within the battery.

If you are facing this very problem, this article is going to be pretty much useful for you. Read on!

The first and foremost thing to do!

Try resetting the settings of Kindle fire in the first place. This is the easier and most commonly observed trouble-shooting solution that actually works for various devices.

So, if your kindle fire isn’t properly charging as it supposed to, reboot it and see the difference. Hold the power button for at least 20 seconds and make sure it is powered off.

Now again press the button to restart it. At this point, your tablet should power on. However, if it doesn’t, plug in the charger and wait for about 15 minutes.

 Make sure you have waited for fifteen minutes so that the battery adapted itself to hold the charge.

Is its cable alright!

Another reason for not properly charging is its cord. If the power cable of the charging adapter is broken or damaged at any point, this will result in bad charging, or even in the malfunction of the device.

Also, if you are using the micro-USB of another charger that is not specially designed for the Kindle fire chances are there that you face the improper charging issue.

Certainly, using the adapter of other devices features the specification accordingly, and hence it might not go well for your Kindle fire.

Therefore, always opt for the charging adapter that guarantees the quality within, and for that the charger that comes along would be the best option to opt for.

The otherwise way:

Although the recommended charger and adapter will charge perfectly, many of us do not always have them around.

Moreover, if you are an on-the-go person you might not have the original charger and the power cord that will keep up the kindle fire always ready to perform well.

To cater to that, you can go for the appliance i.e. friendly to your kindle fire tablet. If it says about charging and it is not charging in actuality, check for the port and its fitting.

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If the used cord is too loose to hold in position or maybe too tight, you will obviously face the issue one way or another.

Also, the cord that is not properly fitting to the port can damage the USB port of your device, if you keep using it on a regular basis.

If the cord is somehow loosening up, immediately find the proper cord that nicely fits into the port.

Also, it is not just to doubt the Kindle fire and not the charging cable. Try plugging it into other devices and make sure it works there.

Check the current:

Another worth noticing factor about the charging of Kindle fire is to make sure the current it is consuming. The current that is too high for the intended device is always the major threat that can damage the appliance in no time.

 So, make sure the voltage and ampere the charger is using are not in their fluctuating state, and if the power is not constant, the charger itself is at high risk.

Battery issue:

If you own the Kindle fire for quite some time now, its battery can become vulnerable towards the proper charging thing.

That can be another reason why your tablet is showing the charging but not holding up it rightly.

Therefore, check on the batter and make sure it is in its best condition i.e., neither puffy nor damaged from anywhere.

However, if you find it any damaged try replacing it as soon as you can. After that, the tablet should charge properly.

Software problem:

If everything is alright, and you have plugged the charging port correctly, the next thing that is suspicious is its built-in software malfunction.

 If the software is not in its best working state it not only affects the charging but can also affect the overall tablet performance as well.

Factory reset:

After resetting the kindle fire device, the next thing you can do is to do the factory reset altogether.

Certainly, this will clear out most of its junk as well as smoothen out the charging for obvious reasons.

To perform the factory reset make sure you have saved your important data, to ensure safety.

Now, swipe down and the home screen to reach the menu> select the Device Option and go to the reset factory settings. At this point, select the reset to verify the operation and that is it.

The factory reset should only really be performed if all of the previous methods have failed.

It will wipe everything you have loaded onto your tablet and return it to its default configuration.

There is no guarantee that it will fix the not charging issue either but it has apparently worked for some users.


Improper charging of the kindle fire is not something that cannot be solved.

From the above-mentioned tricks and simple ways, you can readily solve this issue in no time.

Moreover, that we-researched d and the authentic information that we have included in today’s article will surely help you to reach the final conclusion.


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