Types of Cheaters and what are the best Cheater app?

How to find a cheater? It is a question a lot of married couples are asking themselves, especially if they have caught their significant other cheating.

Types of Cheaters and what are the best Cheater app?

How to find a cheater? It is a question a lot of married couples are asking themselves, especially if they have caught their significant other cheating.

Cheaters, it turns out, aren't all equal when it comes to how they carry out their affairs. Some cheat regularly, some rarely-and some barely ever-follow through on their promises.

In this article, we will discuss the ways of finding a cheater which may help you to easily know which of your close friends or partner is cheating.

Announcement (Old way of finding cheater)

There are several ways of how to find a cheater and some work better than others. The "old-fashioned" way, as many of us, remember it.

Involves using the "announcement" method: calling around, dropping hints, hoping that the person you're spying on does notice your calls (it's not uncommon for them to be suspicious of cell phones, after all).

But this is old school and can take weeks, if not months, to produce results. And there's no telling how many people you'll have to call before you find the cheater. Then there's the big-gest deterrent: catching them in the act.

Hire Private Investigator

One of the best ways of how to find a cheater is by hiring a private investigator to follow your partner around.

So how do you go about this? The most direct method involves using the services of a private investigator.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind though. While hiring someone to follow your spouse, you have to be certain that they're ethical or even have a working name.

Since some unsavory characters work "off" these databases as well. Plus, you want to find someone with the right resources.

The catch is that unless you have some solid proof of infidelity, it's going to take a long time. So, what do you do? Well, you tell them.

 "I've noticed that our conversations have become a little more distant over time," you say. They'll tell you they've noticed, and then you'll have to decide if you want to share that information with them.

If you want to get the best results, you should tell them everything. For example, tell them that you met this man/woman in a bar.

In addition to his/her obvious cheating, you'll also note the things he/she did while at the bar that made you think he/she might be cheating. That kind of evidence can't easily be overlooked.

Use Cheater’s App

Another way to find the cheater around your community is to find the best Cheater’s App. This app contains the latest algorithms that can easily find the cheater around you.

This is especially a favorite for the one that has to find a cheater digitally. However, we have discussed more about the cheater’s app below.

What app most cheaters use?

The question "What app most cheaters use?" is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself if you are looking for a cheater. The reason you want to know this is because there are many ways that they could be cheating on you.

You have to figure out what they are doing and then find out if they are doing it with you. The good news is that knowing what app most cheaters use will help you nail them.

·       Use the Cheating Spouse app

First off, if you have a cell phone you should already know what app to use. If not, go ahead and look it up. They are all over the place. The most popular one is "Cheating Spouse”.

This means you get an alert whenever someone else in the room enters. This makes it very easy to locate people who are cheating.

·       Reverse Phone Lookup

Now that you have the names of the apps most cheaters use, you want to know what to look for.

You need something completely free to download that will let you run a trace on someone. I recommend using a software program called Reverse Phone Lookup.

This is completely free to download and use. With the Trace, you can run unlimited searches and view the information on any phone.

·       Use Manual Searching over digital platforms

If you're trying to find out what app is used by a cheater then you should probably start your search on the most popular dating or matchmaking sites out there.

Many people use these because it is so easy to do. All you have to do is type in your name into the search box.

If you enter a name like "Gary" then chances are you are looking for that person through a dating site. You will then see options like mobile text messaging, emailing, and meeting in person.

Once you do this, you will have a list of possible sites to choose from. Some sites might be better than others.

For instance, mobile text messaging can be a good thing. However, if you are looking for a cheater then they will most likely be using a mobile text service like texting friends or instant messaging someone. These are less discreet and more obvious than mobile text messaging.

·       Use eager tone to the unknown caller

The last thing you want to try is to just open up the unknown number on your phone and call it.

If the person on the other end picks up, then they are lying. But if you pick up a vague tone when you call then they most likely aren't going to lie either.

If you want to know what app most cheaters use, this is your easiest and surest way of finding out. Just be sure to get the best software program that is going to help you get the most out of your tracing experience.


So, how to find a cheater doesn't necessarily have to mean following your partner around. You may have to use all kinds of methods.

But you shouldn't have to sit back and just assume he/she is doing it. You have the tools available to you to determine whether or not he/she is cheating. All you have to do is follow your instinct.





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